Constitution of the International Seminar on Urban Form

(as amended, November 2019)

1. Title:

The name of the Association shall be the ‘International Seminar on Urban Form’ (ISUF)

2. Objectives:

The objectives of the Association shall be:

  1. (i)  To promote and develop the subject of urban morphology.
  2. (ii)  To encourage research on urban form and the dissemination of research findings internationally and between disciplines.
  3. (iii)  To provide opportunities for contact between members through (a) organizing conferences, seminars and meetings, (b) the publication of a journal, (c) organizing and coordinating regional networks.
  4. (iv)  To develop links with other organizations concerned with the built environment.

3. Membership:

Membership of the Association shall be open to individual persons and institutions supporting its objectives.

4. Council:

  1. (i)  There shall be a Council of the Association with the following membership:
    1. (a)  The Officers of the Association (Executive Committee).
    2. (b)  Six Members elected by and from the individual members of the Association. Members shall normally serve a four-year term of office, three members retiring every two years. Retiring Members shall be eligible to stand for re-election on subsequent occasions. Individual members may nominate themselves for election or be nominated by another individual member, providing that the candidate has expressed a willingness to serve if elected.
    3. (c)  Not more than three Co-opted Members who shall hold office for up to four years.
  2. (ii)  The Council shall meet on the occasion of each of the Association’s International Conferences (for which a quorum shall be not less than five members). The Council shall otherwise be empowered to conduct its business by correspondence.
  3. (iii)  The Council shall have general oversight of the Association’s affairs, including the right to initiate general policy discussions and make recommendations to Officers.

5. Officers:

  1. (i)  The officers of the Association shall be the President, the Secretary-General, the Treasurer, the Regional Network Coordinator, and the Editor of the Association’s journal.
  2. (ii)  The Council shall elect the President based on nominations received from
    the Executive Committee and council members. The other Officers of the Association shall be appointed by the Council of the Association from among the individual members. The terms of the Officers of the Association shall be four years. Retiring officers shall be eligible for reappointment.
  3. (iii)  The Officers shall submit annual reports to the Council.

6. Finance:

  1. (i)  The income of the Association shall be used solely for the administration of the Association, for its activities and in the furtherance of the objectives of the Association.
  2. (ii)  The financial year of the Association shall end on 30 June. A statement of the Association’s accounts shall be presented to members annually.
  3. (iii)  The Council shall be empowered to determine annual subscription rates for Membership.

7. Journal:

  1. (i)  The journal of the Association shall be termed Urban Morphology.
  2. (ii)  The Editor of Urban Morphology shall be empowered to appoint individual members of theAssociation as Associate Editors and as members of an Editorial Board.
  3. (iii)  All members shall be entitled to receive copies of Urban Morphology.

8. General Meeting:

A General Meeting of individual members of the Association shall be held on the occasion of an International Conference.

9. Constitution:

The Council shall have authority to amend the Constitution upon the proposal of not less than three Council Members as presented in writing to the Secretary-General and following due notice to the general membership. Any amendment must be approved by no less than two-thirds of the Council Members.