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2020 Volume 24.1

Editorial comment

Quality, consistency and coverage


Urban tissues and residential types in Cuenca (Ecuador)
M. A. Hermida, N. Juca-Freire and J. P. Carvallo-Ochoa   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF, 8MB ]

Towards a socio-ecological spatial morphology: a joint network approach to urban form and landscape ecology
L. Marcus, M. Berghauser Pont and S. Barthel   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF, 2MB ]

The concept of the morphological region: developments and prospects
V. Oliveira and M. A. Yaygin   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF, 8MB ]

Urban form and culture: a comparative analysis of Anatolian and Italian towns
K. Eskidemir and A. S. Kubat   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF, 6MB ]

Typo-morphological diversity and urban resilience: a comparative study of three heterogeneous blocks in Brussels
B. Le Fort and J.-P. De Visscher   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF, 8MB ]

Obituary: Gian Luigi Maffei
G. Cataldi, P. Vaccaro and G. Strappa   [PDF, 2MB ]


Green spaces in fortified towns and cities T. Slater

Green space, fringe belts and the historico-geographical structure of cities J. W. R. Whitehand

Space in the city: reusing cemeteries P. J. Larkham

What new insights can the combination of the historico-geographical and configurational approaches to urban morphology offer? Y. Zhang and X. Li

[Viewpoints, PDF ]


Eighth Conference of the Portuguese-language Network of Urban Morphology (PNUM), Maringá, Brazil, 21–23 August 2019 K. S. Meneguetti

Planning on the edge: Thirteenth Biennial of Towns and Town Planners, Plymouth, United Kingdom, 11–13 September 2019 A. Djordevic

[Reports, PDF ]

Book reviews

C. Kickert (2019) Dream city: creation, destruction, and re-invention in downtown Detroit D. Adams

R. Renner (2018) Urban being. Anatomy & identity of the city;
J. Busquets, D. Yang and M. Keller (2019) Urban grids. Handbook for regular city design;
K. Christiaanse, A. Gasco and N. C. Hanakata (2019) The grand projet. Understanding the making and impact of urban megaprojects;
B. Jallon, U. Napolitana and F. Bouttée (2017) Paris Haussmann. A model’s relevance. An analytical review of Baron Haussmann’s redevelopment of Paris from today’s perspective
M. Berghauser Pont

A. D. Ekstrom, H. J. Spiers, V. Bohbot and R. S. Rosenbaum (2018) Human spatial navigation R. C. Dalton

A. Mela and A. Toldo (2019) Socio-spatial inequalities in contemporary cities A. Legeby

D. Gerhold (2019) London Bridge and its houses, c. 1209–1761 P. J. Larkham

[Book reviews, PDF ]

Book notes

[Book notes, PDF ]

Notes and notices

- Acknowledgement of reviewers

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- Meeting of the Council of ISUF

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