ISUF 2023 will be in Belgrade, Serbia.

Visit the ISUF 2023 website for further information about the conference.

Conference reports

Reports from previous ISUF conferences are published in the journal and those from 2006 onwards are also linked to from this page.

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ISUF 2023

ISUF 2023 (the 30th International Seminar on Urban Form) will take place on 4 - 9 September 2023 in Belgrade, Serbia.

The general theme of the conference is ‘Praxis of Urban Morphology’.

The conference will have the following tracks:

For further information, visit the ISUF 2023 conference website.


Previous ISUF conferences

Lodz and Cracow, Poland, 2022: Urban Redevelopment and Revitalization: A multidisciplinary perspective

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Glasgow, Scotland, 2021: Urban Form and the Sustainable Prosperous City

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Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, 2020: The 21st Century City

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Nicosia, Cyprus, 2019: Cities as Assemblages

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Krasnoyarsk, Russia, 2018: Urban form and social context

- ISUF 2018 Conference report (PDF)

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Valencia, Spain, 2017: City and territory in the globalization age

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Nanjing, China, 2016: Urban morphology and the resilient city

- ISUF 2016 Conference report (PDF)

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Rome, Italy, 2015: City as organism

- ISUF 2015 Conference report (PDF)

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Porto, Portugal, 2014: Our common future in urban morphology

- ISUF 2014 Conference report (PDF)

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Brisbane, Australia, 2013: Urban form at the edge

- ISUF 2013 Conference report (PDF)

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Delft, The Netherlands, 2012: New urban configurations

- ISUF 2012 Conference report (PDF)

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Montréal, Canada, 2011: Urban morphology and the post-carbon city

- ISUF 2011 Conference report (PDF)

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Hamburg, Germany, 2010: Formation and persistence of townscape

- ISUF 2010 Conference report (PDF)

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Guangzhou, China, 2009: Urban morphology and urban transformation

- ISUF 2009 Conference report (PDF)

- Conference brochure / call for papers (PDF) and conference information (PDF).

Artimino, Italy, 2008: Landscape and urban form

- ISUF 2008 Conference report (PDF)

Ouro Preto, Brazil, 2007: Urban morphology in a global era

- ISUF 2007 Conference report (PDF)

Stockholm, Sweden, 2006: Nordic and international urban morphology

- ISUF 2006 Conference report (PDF)

London, UK, 2005: Tradition and modernity in urban form

Glasgow and Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, 2004: Urban morphology at the IGU

Trani, Italy, 2003: The planned city?

Proceedings of the 2003 conference are available from Uniongrafica Corcelli Editrice, Via S. Milella 10, Bari, Italy. They consist of three volumes, each of about 400 pages, edited by Attilio Petruccioli, Michele Stella and Guiseppe Strappa. The cost is 100 euros and the publication's ISBN is 88-7329-043-4.

Cernobbio, Italy, 2002: The work of Gianfranco Caniggia

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, 2001: Retrospective on urban morphology at the millennium

Proceedings of the 2001 Conference have been reprinted and are available for $US 25.00.
Contact: Brenda Scheer, Graduate School of Architecture, University of Utah, 375S, 1530 E. Room 234, Salt Lake City, UT 84112, USA. E-mail:

Groningen, The Netherlands, 2000: Commissions and Working Parties

Florence, Italy, 1999

Proceedings from the 1999 conference are available from:
Alinea editrice, 17/19 rosso, via Pierluigi da Palestrina, 50144 Firenze, Italy.

The volume is edited by Roberto Corona and Gian Luigi Maffei and is entitled Transformations of urban form: from interpretations to methodologies in practice, ISBN 88-8125-348-8. It comprises 111 papers divided by topic into 15 sections, each section being prefaced by a summary.

Versailles, France, 1998

Birmingham, UK, 1997

Lausanne, Switzerland, 1996